Hand-made, heart-inspired jewellery forWork. Love. Play.

Why 'Heart to Heart?'

I moved to Sydney from Slovakia in 2000 with the aim of starting a new life and finding happiness in a new country following the death of my father from a heart attack. On the anniversary of his death this year I wanted to do something special.

He was only 61, full of life, ideas and plans. He was my rock, a great music enthusiast. We both shared a love for music –I often think of our rehearsals –my father playing trumpet, and me as his accompanist. Most importantly he loved helping others – he was a medical doctor whose patients still remember his devotion to their care – no the matter time of a day or night.

Joining St Vincent’s Curran Foundation fundraiser was the perfect opportunity – I know my father would love the idea that my jewellery creations might contribute to improving cardiac care and saving the lives of others. ❧ Zuzana L. 

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