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Zuzana's personal 'stone-aid'...

It's not just about the appearance of Zonyxa pieces, but also the meaning I've found I attach to the stones themselves.

❧ Wearing my black onyx pieces I’ve found I feel more confident and somehow grounded. I’ve noticed it gives me an inner strength. I choose onyx when I know I am facing a challenge. And I also admit – black is a statement for me, not just a colour.

❧ I just love labradorite – especially it’s beguiling appearance. I’m fascinated by its remarkable play of colour, its shimmery, blue look – it’s magical. I wear this stone when I feel I want to give myself an element of comfort, when I feel it’s time I need to be kind to myself.

❧ On mornings when I wake up happy and energetic – and feel I can conquer the world! – I crave for red coral. Wanting to wear red is a sign for me that I feel strong and as such I want to look dramatic…It’s for days when I feel like an adventure. Hmmm, like a femme fatale, perhaps?

 ❧ Of course there are days I wake feeling down, my thoughts are tending to the negative, and I don’t feel like life is easy. As often as not I find even my body is aching. My answer?  A crystal piece. Because it’s time for clarity, time to clean out my mind and refresh

❧ Who doesn’t love pearls? They’re timeless and I’ve yet to see a woman who doesn’t look elegant wearing beautiful natural pearls. When deep down I want to feel very special, or when the idea of becoming Coco Chanel for a day excites me…I look to the joy I feel wearing baroque pearls. The more imperfect their shape the more I see in them. It’s almost symbolic – pearls, like women, celebrate imperfections for the character they convey.

❧ If it’s energy I need, I find myself drawn to the lively and cheerful look of citrine. It’s fresh, lemon-like and even bright, like the sun. For me it’s the Vitamin C of natural stones!

❧ Chalcedony, on the other hand, is more like chicken soup! It’s a special stone to me because of its softness and gentle appearance. I associate it with the inner child, when we feel like wanting to be stress-free and carefree. I love blue chalcedony, and I choose it for days when I feel I want to remind myself what happiness is aboutfeeling at peace, and forgetting about bills, tax or my next dental appointment!

❧ Finally, what excites me about agate is the amazing variety of shapes and colours it comes in. This makes it truly versatile, and gives me a feeling of freedom – to do, to be, to look and to indulge. I choose this stone when I feel I want to add creativity and originality to my day. 

I hope you will enjoy wearing our pieces as I do!


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