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Why I created Zonyxa.

Zonyxa Collection

Wearing a Zonyxa piece is for me like playing a piece of music that touches me…

I have worn pieces created from natural stones for many years because there’s something special about them. Each time I choose a necklace of bracelet to put on,  I feel better about life. I enjoy looking at them, touching them and learning about their meaning and history. It has always been a fascinating subject to me and one I’ve been drawn to from my other passion, music, especially playing the piano. 

Like music, naturally sourced jewellery is about feel and mood, and what harmonizes with the moment. Jewellery and music have three things in common and important to me: self-expression and originality, beauty in feel and form, and the sense of well-being that comes with experiencing them.

Then there is the wonderful breath of choice; simple pieces for every day, or statement necklaces for that special occasion. I love wearing both, and especially on days when I feel life is challenging and not progressing in the direction I wish (I am a perfectionist, hard-worker and dreamer at the same time) my Zonyxa pieces seem made for it!

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